36 Sexy Photos of Lauren Spencer-Smith on the Internet

That 16-year-old British-Canadian singer from the American Idol show, Lauren Spencer-Smith is now 19, taking on the challenge of being one of the best among new generation singers. In the space of one year, she churned out two huge records that have not only made it to cross-country charts but have also added more chips to her shoulder as a promising up-and-coming. She just might be the next big thing among America’s youngsters.

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When Lauren released “Fingers Crossed” in January 2022, she was definitely not prepared for what would come after, a series of events that had the record spreading like wildfire, landing on multiple charts across the globe at Top 10, then jumping on the UK Singles Chart as a No. 4, and No. 19 on US Hot 100, while landing the coveted No. 1 in Norway and Ireland. That was only the beginning of more to come for the talented teen pop star, as the same record would soon bag Smith a two-time Canadian platinum certification, as well as one RIAA platinum in the United States.

Releasing “Flowers” sometime after the initial success, the incredible vocalist once again took onlookers unaware as her record charted top 20 in different nationalities. “Narcissist” is yet another exciting release from the England-born singer’s discography and you’d agree that it’s quite impressive to see the teenage singer doing so well – an amazingly great start for a great performer.

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We’re definitely not tired of listening to these intriguing ballads from the talented vocalist, as there’s so much more embedded in Portsmouth’s Lauren Spencer’s artful mind to gift us. Now, doling out those relatable anthems isn’t the only superpower she’s got, as the girl’s got that kind of enthralling beauty only meant for a diva, which she undeniably is. Take a swipe up to see these sexy photos of Lauren Spencer-Smith which will prove that to you.

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