Top 10 The Jackson 5 Christmas Songs To Enjoy Holiday

The Jackson 5 is a source of a big smile to many of us. The cute chemistry between the brothers has always been so ideal to all of us. Not only this but their syncing of voices and dance moves were always on another level.

For Holiday week, it’s a great idea to play The Jacksons playlist and catch some good vibes as those melodies are going to take you back in the 60s and 70s. Thanks to Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Michael, and Marlon for giving this classic Christmas track list and making our present time so cheerful.

Some of us were not even born by then but still, their fan base spans from generation to generation. Let’s have a look; we have some really good Christmas songs listed below for you.

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Note: Most of these are covers of originals and can be found — Jackson 5 Christmas Album.

1. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

The hype and energy of this song are unbeatable. Undeniably, the combination of the chorus of Jacksons and Michael’s voice is a gift. The way they have explained Santa, you can easily visualize, he is really coming. The lyrics have a good message so you better not miss this one.

2. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Some naughty lyrics and you are going to burst out laughing. The title of the song itself is quite interesting and will make you want to listen to it in the upcoming holiday season. The spirit of joy and happiness that one wants to feel at Christmas is there when one listens to this song.

3. Up On The House Top

“Love and Peace for everyone,” this line sums it up. Listening to this meaningful phrase in Michael’s innocent voice will surely make your Holiday more joyful than ever. The lyrics are quite interesting and engaging.

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4. Somebody At Christmas

Michael’s pure and sweet voice and the melodious chorus of his brothers can’t be praised in words. All you got to do is to play this song on the speaker at your home and groove with your people. Listening hands-free can be a good idea if you are traveling this Christmas.

5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Young-Jermaine has given his best vocal to this cover and what more can you want for Christmas eve than this? The song will make you feel the importance of friends, and family and the feeling of happiness and joy one should always hope for.

6. Frosty The Snowman

How a child can imagine a snowman coming to life, is perfectly described in this song. From head to toe, the snowman has been described on how it is made and what things have been used to construct him. The excitement of the kids reflected in the lyrics is just amazing.

7. Little Drummer Boy

The exceptional harmony of the Jackson brothers along with little Michael’s incredible voice is something ethereal. MJ’s explanation about the little drummer boy is really worth listening and their heart-touching voices may take you back to your childhood days.

8. The Christmas Song

Christmas may seem boring without some good music and this Christmas song by Jermaine will ensure your holiday is exciting and memorable enough to be remembered later. Play this one and you are going to lay it on a loop.

9. Give Love On Christmas Day

The angelic voice of little Michael will inspire generations and this is one of the cutest songs that he has sung that will melt your heart right away. The way this song emphasizes sharing love and kindness is praiseworthy.

10. J5 Christmas Medley

This medley is what you call “Perfection.” The medley has everything you would like to have this holiday season. Emotions, excitement, joy, happiness, and everything. It will already create a Christmas eve for you, only by listening.

Here is the Jackson 5ive popular bonus tracks as Christmas gift!

I Want You Back

A good choice when it comes to having a great time with your people at Christmas. This Jackson 5 song is one of the greatest hits back then and still, the fans have the lyrics on the tips of their tongues. The charm of “I want you back” is never-ending.


This song has been performed multiple times by the Jackson 5 on stage. It is a very special song not only for them but for every fan. Good vibes and pleasant memories strike our minds when this melody touches our ears.

I’ll Be There

You must agree that your emotional side comes up when this song hits your ears. The lyrics are heart-touching and soul-wrenching. The best part is this song can be used for a friend, for a sibling, for love, or for anyone special that you want to confess to this special festival.

Who’s Lovin’ You

The way Michael managed to sing the low and high tones here is commendable. The Jackson 5’s on-stage performance is worth watching. And above all, this song has a vibe that is going to turn your Christmas into a memorable holiday.

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