26 Insanely Sexy Pictures of Kim Petras Which Are Jaw-dropping

Say hello to the Grammy record breaker, German superstar, Kim Petras! With her collaborative blockbuster single, “Unholy,” the singer literally went from being a well-known artist to becoming an astoundingly popular figure in the current time. While Kim is relatively new to some, she might seem to have been here since forever to others, and this is because the Slut Pop singer is no newbie.

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Petras has been in the limelight since the early years of her gender transition, becoming famous as the youngest transexual person in the world at only age 16. With her story out there in the public eye already, the teenage girl delved deeper into the world of showbiz, seizing the opportunity to display her talent to the world. The entertainer has since the release of her pioneer records, which includes “Fade Away” in 2008, delivered a series of engaging records that have earned her commendations, and a few chart appearances in the United States, UK, and Australia. However, it does seem like the performer’s coalition with England’s Sam Smith is one of the best career decisions she’s made so far; as the song not only helped her make history with the Best Pop Duo Award, it has also given Kim renewed hope for perpetual success with her status as a transgender songster. Also, thanks to the second single from the Gloria album, Petras finally gained entry into the US Billboard Hot 100 as a chart-topping artist!

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Basking in the euphoria of her achievement, this Cologne-born vocalist is without question prepared to launch into this new era with more accolade-worthy titles, that are sure to boost her prominence as a global musician and LGBT trailblazer with her glamorous appearances. You should not miss out on these looks, and here is why there’s a list of Kim Petras ‘baddest’ hot photos below to make this read worth your time.

Pics: Kim Petras Instagram

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