27 Billie Eilish Hottest Moments to Enjoy!

Made of the finest superstar material, Billie Eilish O’Connell at age 13 literally snuck up on us back in 2015 with the “Ocean Eyes” single, and since, she has exemplified what it means to not be your typical pop youngster. Her impressive vocals complementing the singer’s alt-pop/electro-dark pop musical genres are simply everything, giving the LA-born musician an incredible blend that distinctly defines her sound and brand. In less than ten years, the “Lovely” vocalist has made history with her chart-breaking singles and record-setting career. From landing a Billboard 200 No. 1 with her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and setting the record as the first 21st-century artist to attain that height, Billie has also been named the youngest artist to receive four Grammy nominations in one year. This is in fact, only a fraction of the feats that the “Bad Guy” singer has amassed for herself and it’s really no gainsay to call Eilish a perfect inspiration for aspiring teenage acts.

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Actively supported by her writer and producer brother, Finneas, the pop star has created and produced two top charting albums, with around thirty single entries on the United States Hot 100, and more charting positions outside the country. An unapologetically blunt creative, her songs have spanned across different issues, naturally drawing in the recipient to listen more than once, and finally falling in love. Her unusual fashion sense has also been a subject of interest and has in fact stirred up a number of controversies for the 21-year-old. The multi-award winner is a unique creator, and revolutionary figure in today’s entertainment — she has in simple terms, been an artist of her own rules, daring to be different with her sound and style. Now, you would agree that stumbling on Billie Eilish’s sexy photos isn’t quite easy. Well, here is your chance to catch a glimpse of these selected shots.

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Pics: Billie Eilish Instagram

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