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Top 10 Most Romantic Songs of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s existing legacy as the greatest entertainer of all time is founded in the transformational movement he started in the world of music, redefining the essence of musical performances and setting the pace for the rise of outstanding musicians with astounding skillsets.

While leading as the King of Pop, Jackson’s works thrived in their diversity, spanning across rock, rhythm and blues, dance-pop, and disco genres.

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Just as he addressed different societal themes with his records, the singer was also quite fond of singing about love. Among these beautiful classics, below are the top 10 most love songs of Michael Jackson that are sure to stir up your emotions.

1. The Lady in My Life – 1982

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From the iconic Thriller album is that record which spurs undying affection, as the writer calls out to his beloved, requesting that their hearts beat together in ‘ecstasy.’ The song encompasses the intense need to be together with this woman, who apparently will always be the lady of his life.

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2. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – 1987

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Using excellent imagery, this ballad tells us of ‘a love so true’ binding the lovers forever, with a longing hope to change the world together! The first single from Bad, and one the most romantic No. 1 classic, is a duet with the iconic singer and California’s Siedah Garrett.

3. Liberian Girl – 1989

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Addressed to a Liberian sweetheart, this song sees the singer passionately talk about how her influence is changing his world. Energetically voicing his affection, he paints the picture of two lovers proclaiming their love for each other, and he sings her praise in all stanzas, with the endless ‘I love you.’

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4. You Are Not Alone – 1995

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Jackson’s 13th Billboard number one, this song is a heartfelt composition by R. Kelly in 1995. Despite his current state of loneliness, the singer speaks of hope to be together. A song of assurance in isolation, that even though they are ‘far apart,’ the partner will never be ‘alone.’

5. Chicago – 2014

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Written by Cory Rooney, “Chicago” is the tale of love built on lies. Claiming to be with ‘no man’ when they met, the woman cheats on her husband with the singer. As the latter had been oblivious to this situation, he expresses his displeasure and shame, blaming the illicit affair on her.

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6. The Way You Make Me Feel – 1987

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Voicing his mixed emotions and passion, the singer pleads with his lover to promise to be with him till forever. One hears him desperately speak of how much he loves her, singing with such reckless abandon about the great effect this pretty woman has on him!

7. The Girl is Mine – 1982

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This 1982 record features Michael in an argument with Paul McCartney over a love interest, exchanging words throughout all four verses. With both at loggerheads, they admit that only one can have her, but fail to decide which of them takes the win. This interesting conversation is the first single in MJ’s best-selling album of all time.

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8. Heaven Can Wait – 2001

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While many will prioritize heaven as the ultimate goal, this song tells us that Michael would rather not leave his ‘baby alone.’ The gravity of this matter is further heightened when the singer proclaims to the ‘angels’ that he would be willing to come back even if he is taken to ‘heaven.’

9. PYT (Pretty Young Thing) – 1982

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Although a song of love proclamation, this record, written by James Ingram and Quincy Jones, takes a fast-paced and energetic rhythm “P.Y.T.” has the legendary performer excitedly imploring this girl to come to experience his love, as he promises her to ‘give you all I’ve got,’ and ‘take you there.’

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10. Remember the Time – 1991

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“Remember The Time” is as emotional as romantic songs can get. This melodious record portrays the joys of discovering love even in its aftermath. The singer lovingly reminds the woman about the beautiful ‘memories’ that they shared which he says ‘will always be dear.’

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