28 Hot Photos of Griff Which Will Leave You Drooling

Inspired by Taylor’s Fearless, young Sarah determinedly set out on the daunting quest of building a music career for herself. Now recognized as The Mirror Talk’s Griff, it does seem like that venture is actually paying off for the rising artist. Years before, you probably wouldn’t have been excited at the mention of this singer’s name, but now that she’s worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, staged a performance at the BRIT Awards, and made a few chart appearances in the United Kingdom and beyond, one can’t stay in denial of the “Inside Out” singer’s talent. Beyond vocalizing lyrics, music production is yet another skill that the entertainer got herself equipped with while growing up. Considering her drive and will to be exceptional in this space, it’s evident that Sarah Faith Griffiths has got the makings of a future superstar.

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For a kid who only had her dreams to hold onto, with little promise of success, Griff’s landmark achievements as a singer prove the efficacy of grit and perseverance. Since her feature on Mac’s radio session, the entertainer has had quite the time releasing her numerous recordings, doling out about seven quality tracks within the year 2019. By early to mid-2020, the vocalist cum producer was not only all out for the collaborations with Steinfeld and Zedd, but she was also ready for the recognition that would come in subsequent months. Acknowledging the brilliance of her craft, the England-born singer has received nominations, one of which has won her an accolade. Still basking in the euphoria of her UK Singles Top 20 record, “Black Hole,” singer Griff continues to leave more to our imagination about how value-packed her subsequent records would be. While the Chinese-Jamaican singer’s artistry has been incredibly exciting to watch, her gorgeous physique isn’t something to overlook either. Her lyrics might be capable of simply drawing you in, but her looks would literally make you drool. If you’ll just take a simple scroll below, you just might catch some of Griff’s hottest picture moments in there.

Pics: Griff’s Instagram

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