Top 10 Most Popular ZZ Top Tracks of All Time

The blues and Rhythm section found love in the hands of Texas-formed rock band ZZ Top. Songs “La Grange” and “Tush” are so beautiful, radio stations jammed both for a long time. The band also did great work fusing new wave, punk, and dance-rock tunes into both the Eliminator and Afterburner albums.

Check out top 10 best ZZ Top songs of all time:

1. La Grange – 2005 Remaster

2. Sharp Dressed Man – 2008 Remaster

3. Gimme All Your Lovin’

4. Tush – 2006 Remaster

5. Legs – 2008 Remaster

6. Just Got Paid

7. Rough Boy

8. Waitin’ for the Bus – 2006 Remaster

9. Got Me Under Pressure – 2008 Remaster

10. Jesus Just Left Chicago – 2006 Remaster

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