Top 10 Most Popular Vernon Dalhart Tracks of All Time

Dalhart, the opera singer who went on to become one of the most revered country singers had quite a time walking through an almost three-decade-long career. Before his 1924 hit record, “The Wreck of the Old ’97,” there had been none like it in the history of southern melodies. The Texas-native artist remains a figure of influence with several accolades to prove it.

Check out top 10 best Vernon Dalhart songs of all time:

1. Charleston

2. The Prisoner’s Song

3. The Runaway Train

4. Ain’t She Sweet

5. Am I Blue?

6. California, Here I Come

7. Blue Skies

8. Wreck of The Old 97

9. There’s a Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder

10. It Had to Be You

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