Top 10 Most Popular Van Morrison Tracks of All Time

The 1945-born Van is originally named George Ivan Morrison. The Grammy-winning singer’s musical career is enriched with R&B and soul music. He is a multi-instrumentalist and a songwriter too who has given some really quality music to the industry. His famous songs include “Bright Side of the Road,” “Gloria,” and “Moondance.”

Check out top 10 best Van Morrison songs of all time:

1. Brown-Eyed Girl

2. Into the Mystic – 2013 Remaster

3. Moondance – 2013 Remaster

4. Days Like This

5. Crazy Love – 2013 Remaster

6. Have I Told You Lately

7. Bright Side of the Road

8. Wild Night

9. Someone Like You

10. And It Stoned Me – 2013 Remaster

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