Top 10 Most Popular Tyrese Gibson Tracks of All Time

Tyrese’s first try-out as an entertainer was neither with a record label nor for a stage performance, but in an advertisement with the Georgia-originated drinks company, Coca-Cola. This early fame was quite helpful for his eventual music career, as evident in his records as a Billboard charting artist. The Fast and Furious star has since appeared in several television shows and films, solidifying his portfolio as an actor cum singer.

Check out top 10 best Tyrese Gibson songs of all time:

1. How You Gonna Act Like That

2. Sweet Lady

3. Signs of Love Makin’

4. What Am I Gonna Do

5. Lately

6. Nobody Else

7. Just A Baby Boy

8. Pick Up The Phone

9. The Best Man I Can Be

10. On Top Of Me

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