Top 10 Most Popular Thin Lizzy Tracks of All Time

This Irish band, Thin Lizzy, came into existence in 1969. Their musical career spans around genres including Heavy Metal, blues rock, and hard rock. Although the band took breaks and performed with some gaps in between, they managed to give some hits including “Dancing in the Moonlight,” “Don’t believe a word” and “Emerald.”

Check out top 10 best Thin Lizzy songs of all time:

1. The Boys Are Back In Town

2. Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight)

3. Whiskey In The Jar

4. Jailbreak

5. Cowboy Song

6. Don’t Believe A Word

7. Rosalie

8. Cold Sweat

9. Bad Reputation

10. Running Back

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