Top 10 Most Popular Theresa Andersson Tracks of All Time

Theresa Andersson, known for her acumen in playing various instruments, happens to be a singer-songwriter. She was part of a band initially. Later she went solo and collaborated with other musicians from New Orleans. Theresa became inspired to be the entire band herself by adding two loop pedals and performing with several instruments in tow.

Check out top 10 best Theresa Andersson songs of all time:

1. Innan Du Gar

2. God’s Highway

3. Birds Fly Away

4. It’s Gonna Be OK

5. Lorraine’s Song (Bonus Track)

6. Na Na Na

7. Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You

8. Hi-Low

9. Fiya’s Gone

10. Hummingbird, Go!

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