Top 10 Most Popular The Weeknd Tracks of All Time

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is the real name of The Weeknd. He is quite famous worldwide for his versatile music. The 1990-born, Grammy-winning singer’s popular songs include “Starboy,” “I feel it coming,” and “Save your tears.” The Canadian artist is known for his songs on sex and drugs.

Check out top 10 best The Weeknd songs of all time:

1. Blinding Lights

2. I Was Never There

3. Starboy

4. Call Out My Name

5. Save Your Tears

6. Die For You

7. The Hills

8. Lost in the Fire (feat. The Weeknd)

9. Save Your Tears (Remix) (with Ariana Grande) – Bonus Track

10. You Righ

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