Top 10 Most Popular Sean Ensign Tracks of All Time

The dexterous Finally star, Sean Ensign, who also doubles as a health worker, and writer founded his interest in the thriving entertainment industry in his teenage years. With credits to multiple records and the musician has come a long way since he released his “It’s My Life” single in 2006.

Check out top 10 best Sean Ensign songs of all time:

1. Everytime it Rains (Sugardip Radio Mix)

2. Sanctuary

3. Everytime it Rains (Hex Hector Radio)

4. Boyfriend (Bryan Reyes Extended Club Mix)

5. Feel So Good [Hex Hector Radio Edit]

6. Boyfriend (7th Heaven Radio Edit)

7. All Over Again (7th Heaven Radio Mix)

8. It’s My Life (Finally) Original Edit

9. Feel the Music (Original Edit)

10. Disappear

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