Top 10 Most Popular Ronnie Gaylord Tracks of All Time

Before going solo in the mid-50s, Ronnie of The Gaylords band had a thriving career alongside his team. His progression from the group to working alone however was better proof of the singer’s artistry. The incredible vocalist-songwriter was not just a talented comedian, but a skilled instrumentalist with deep knowledge of the strings family.

Check out top 10 best Ronnie Gaylord songs of all time:

1. Cuddle Me

2. My Heart Is Free Again

3. Signore Fortuna (Lady of Fortune)

4. Wow!

5. I Won’t Believe It

6. Cuddle Me

7. Pledging My Love

8. Oh, Am I Lonely

9. One a Two Time More

10. Marcheta (A Love Song of Old Mexico)

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