Top 10 Most Popular Rage Against The Machine Tracks of All Time

Rage Against the Machine, also known as Rage, is a rock band that holds the credit for its influence on the nu-metal genre. Known for its ingenuity in merging sounds from a variety of genres, the band has received four induction nominations into the respected Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The two-time Grammy Award-winning band has albums such as Renegades, Evil Empire, and The Battle of Los Angeles.

Check out top 10 best Rage Against The Machine songs of all time:

1. Killing In The Name

2. Bulls On Parade

3. Guerrilla Radio

4. Sleep Now In the Fire

5. Renegades Of Funk

6. Wake Up

7. Bombtrack

8. Testify

9. Know Your Enemy

10. People of the Sun

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