Top 10 Most Popular Norman Bergen Tracks of All Time

Following years of striving his way up through group membership, and playing supporting roles in bands, Norman finally hit his break with his collaboration on the Top 3 track, “Only A Fool Can Breaks His Own Heart.” Actively delving into deeper waters in the vocation, the NY-city-born artist successfully released more hit singles to establish his career.

Check out top 10 best Norman Bergen songs of all time:

1. Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart

2. I Saw The Full Moon (Pauline’s Song)

3. Symphony Of Love (In The Sixties)

4. Why Do I Cry?

5. I’d Rather Do Nothin’ With You

6. I Only Want To Be With You

7. Love Of My Life

8. This Is The One Form My Heart

9. I Know You Understand

10. There’s Never Been Anybody But You

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