Top 10 Most Popular Morton Downey Tracks of All Time

Sean Morton Downey captured the hearts of the people in the early part of the 20th century. A very loving personality was both a singer and entertainer and was famously known as the ‘Irish Nightingale’ due to his Irish tenor. His voice also had a creamy texture and later moved to a chesty timbre in the 30s. Morton sang on the radio, became part of television, and got to do recordings as well.

Check out top 10 best Morton Downey songs of all time:

1. One Hour With You

2. Do Something

3. Rose Of Tralee

4. In The Middle Of A Kiss

5. My Wild Irish Rose

6. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

7. It’s the Same Old Shillelegh

8. Molly Brannigan

9. That’s How You Spell Ireland

10. Where The River Shannon Flows

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