Top 10 Most Popular Megadeth Tracks of All Time

Talk about the Thrash Metal’s “Big four,” and there you have the Megadeth band. Through a career that spanned 39 years, Megadeth has clinched twelve nominations for the Grammy Award, one Grammy Award win and other awards such as Loudwire Music Awards and Clio Awards. The band is known for its albums like So Far, So Good… So What, Rust In Peace, and Countdown to Extinction all grossed huge sales.

Check out top 10 best Megadeth songs of all time:

1. Symphony Of Destruction

2. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due – Remastered

3. Tornado Of Souls – Remastered 2004

4. A Tout Le Monde – Remastered 2004

5. Paranoid

6. Hangar 18 – Remastered

7. Peace Sells-Remastered

8. Sweating Bullets – Remastered 2004

9. Angry Again

10. We’ll Be Back

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