Top 10 Most Popular Mark Foster Tracks of All Time

Mark Derek Foster has his own band, and initially, success evaded him. He began his singing career with a jingle after much struggle doing odd jobs and surviving literally with very little food. He got to record his solo album and also did solo shows. However, his band set-up with friends provided the much-needed hit and got him a record deal.

Check out top 10 best Mark Foster songs of all time:

1. When You Find Love

2. Tekno Samurai – Eurobeat Mix

3. Kiss Me Divine – Fitness Version 155 Bpm

4. Rather Be – Remix

5. 3 Themes of Life and Love: No. 1. In Your Light

6. Pumped Up Kicks

7. 3 Themes of Life and Love: No. 3. Drumsound Rises

8. 3 Themes of Life and Love: No. 2. A Breathing Peace

9. Funeral

10. Ancient Voice Of Children

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