Top 10 Most Popular Marília Mendonça Tracks of All Time

Marília Mendonça was a 26-year-old singer who revolutionized the music industry in Brazil. Before her death in a tragic plane crash, Mendoca had a collection of albums that brought her both national and continental recognition. For instance, her album Realidade earned her a nomination at the Latin Grammy Awards for Best Sertaneja Music Album.

Check out top 10 best Marília Mendonça songs of all time:

1. Vai Lá Em Casa Hoje

2. Insônia – Ao vivo

3. Dois Enganados

4. De Quem E a Culpa – Ao vivo

5. Infiel – Ao Vivo

6. Eu Sei de Cor – Ao Vivo

7. Calculista

8. O Que Falta em Voce Sou Eu – Ao vivo

9. Amante Nao Tem Lar – Ao vivo

10. Hackearam – Me

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