Top 10 Most Popular Marc Anthony Tracks of All Time

Multi-award-winning artist, Marc Anthony grew up learning the skills of great music right from home. His extensive knowledge of varieties right from childhood was a big influence in the entertainer’s passion for his own music creation and complementing his talent with his prowess in acting. The performer has received numerous honors from the Grammys, BMAs, as well as AMAs, among others.

Check out top 10 best Marc Anthony songs of all time:

1. Vivir Mi Vida

2. Flor Pálida

3. De Vuelta Pa’ La Vuelta

4. Tu Amor Me Hace Bien

5. Y Hubo Alguien

6. Y Cómo Es El

7. Parecen Viemes

8. Esta’ Rico

9. Que’ Precio Tiene el Cielo

10. Valió La Pena

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