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Top 10 Most Popular Lil Uzi Vert Tracks of All Time

Lil Uzi Vert is known for his work in the Hip Hop, trap, and rap genres. With his distinct style which includes facial tattoos and piercings, the musician and songwriter have earned several award nominations including the Billboard Music Awards. In 2017, the Luv is Rage @ album had a remarkable performance on the Billboard 200.

Check out top 10 Lil Uzi Vert best songs in 2022:

1. Just Wanna Rock

2. 20 Min

3. XO Tour Llif3

4. The Way Life Goes (feat. Oh Wonder)

5. Money Longer


7. Erase Your Social

8. Neon Guts (feat. Pharrell Williams)

9. Drankin N Smokin

10. Myron

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