Top 10 Most Popular Jordan Fisher Tracks of All Time

Jordan Fisher had always had this music career for the books. His very early attempts at releasing records proved to be nothing but all-around success through his viral hits and quick break in assuming roles in the delegation, as well as film. Jordan, within ten years of launching a career in entertainment, has gained a huge recognition for his works.

Check out top 10 best Jordan Fisher songs of all time:

1. Nobody Like You

2. U Know What’s Up

3. 1 True Love

4. True Love – Piano Duet

5. You’re Welcome – Jordan Fisher/Lin-Manuel Miranda Version

6. Gotta Be Me

7. Happily Ever After – Full Version

8. Pandas unite / Nobody Like U (Reprise)

9. That’s How We Do

10. U Know What’s Up – The Panda Hustle Version

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