Top 10 Most Popular Harry Connick Jr Tracks of All Time

Kickstarting the journey quite early as a pre-teen performer, Harry Connick Jr, now in his middle age has grown into one to look up to. The multi-talented entertainer has had a career full of stage and band events, television shows, and film, as well as award wins from Primetime Emmy and the Grammys, among others.

Check out top 10 best Harry Connick Jr songs of all time:

1. It Had To Be You (Big Band and Vocals)

2. A Wink and a Smile

3. I Could Write a Book

4. We Are In Love

5. Recipe For Love

6. The Way You Look Tonight

7. Just The Way You Are

8. It Had To Be You (Trio Instrumental)

9. First Time Ever I Saw Your face

10. Mind If I Make Love To You

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