Top 10 Most Popular Harry Chapin Tracks of All Time

Harry Chapin was known popularly for his singing and songwriting prowess. He adopted the folk and pop rock genre to write and sing his songs. The 70s saw his rise to fame by getting a Grammy award as well as being inducted into the Grammy hall of fame. Harry happened to work for causes close to his heart, such as hunger, and contributed greatly to them

Check out top 10 best Harry Chapin songs of all time:

1. Cat’s in the Cradle

2. Taxi

3. Circle

4. W.O.L.D.

5. Sunday Morning Sunshine

6. I Wanna Learn a Lone Song

7. 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas

8. Saturday Morning – Live; 1975

9. A Better Place To Be – Live; 1975

10. Sequel

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