Top 10 Most Popular Gus Backus Tracks of All Time

Although Gus started out his career as a singer with renowned The Del-Vikings group, his skills seemed to be more needed in a different part of the world. Upon his move to Germany as a member of the United States Force, Backus swung into the talented musician mode, showed off his prowess in German music, and ended up owning multiple charting songs in the country.

Check out top 10 best Gus Backus songs of all time:

1. Da sprach der alte Häuptling

2. Der Mann im Mond

3. Bohnen in die Ohren

4. Rote Lippen soll man küssen

5. Brauner Bär Und Weiße Taube

6. Wooden Heart (Muß I denn zum Städtele Hinaus)

7. Sauerkraut-Polka

8. Memories Of Heidelberg

9. Mein Schimmel wartet im Himmel

10. Ich steh an der Bar und habe kein Geld

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