Top 10 Most Popular Gerald Casale Tracks of All Time

Gerald Vincent Casale happened to be a popular co-lead singer and bass player of the band Devo. He was also known for directing music videos for other recording artists. Gerald, also known as Jerry, along with the lead singer and keyboardist Mark Mothersbaugh are the only two members who have continued to be part of the group until now. They had a hit top 20 songs, Whip it, while also pursuing a solo career.

Check out top 10 best Gerald Casale songs of all time:

1. It’s All Devo

2. It’s All Devo – Radio Edit

3. It’s All Devo – Tail Freaks Remix

4. It’s All Devo – The Sloppy 5th’s Remix

5. It’s All Devo – Phunkilla Club Mix

6. It’s All Devo – Hot Noizes Remix

7. It’s All Devo – Phunkcrew Mix

8. It’s All Devo – Dany Cohiba Remix

9. It’s All Devo

10. It’s All Devo – Phunkilla Club Mix

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