Top 10 Most Popular Gerald Alston Tracks of All Time

While with his band, The Manhattans, Alston alongside other members recorded remarkable success that earned the team not only hit songs but awards like the Grammy. Transitioning into his solo career, the talented singer only got even better, releasing hit singles and top charting melodies that have his works majorly on the US R&B with 4 out of 7 making it to the first hundred.

Check out top 10 best Gerald Alston songs of all time:

1. Send For Me

2. Slow Motion

3. Slow Motion – Edit

4. Chris’ Jammin Groove – Live

5. Sugar

6. Hell Of A Situation (Backroom Conversation)

7. Peace Of Mind

8. Take Me Where You Want

9. I Appreciate Your Love

10. Getting Back Into Love

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