Top 10 Most Popular Freddie Mercury Tracks of All Time

Freddie Mercury was the frontman of the rock band named Queen. Before taking a bow at the age of forty-five due to complications from a contracted disease, Mercury was renowned for at least two things. One was for his vocal dexterity and the second was for the various hit songs he wrote. One of those hit songs was “Killer Queen” which reached the number two position on the UK Singles Chart.

Check out top 10 best Freddie Mercury songs of all time:

1. Living On My Own – No More Brothers Radio Mix

2. I Was Born to Love You

3. The Great Pretender

4. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow – Special Edition

5. Living on My Own – Julian Raymond Album Mix

6. Barcelona

7. Living on My Own – Single Edit

8. How Can I Go On – New Orchestrated Version

9. Mr. Bad Guy – Special Edition

10. Time Waits For No One

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