Top 10 Most Popular Eddie Fisher Tracks of All Time

Eddie Fisher’s progression as a multi-skilled entertainer began right from the start, as he developed his talents in singing and television appearances almost simultaneously, growing to become one of America’s most loved stars with his numerous top hit songs, as well as killing it with impressions on the myriad of TV shows that he was in.

Check out top 10 best Eddie Fisher songs of all time:

1. Outside of Heaven

2. Cindy Oh Cindy

3. Oh! My Pa-Pa (O Mein Papa)

4. Games That Lovers Play

5. I Need You Now – 2001 Remastered

6. Anytime – Remastered

7. I’m Walking Behind You – 2001 Remastered

8. Christmas Eve in My Home Town

9. Downhearted – Remastered

10. I’m Yours

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