Top 10 Most Popular Eagles Tracks of All Time

Dotting the lines of success almost consistently, The Eagles shook the music scene in the 1970s with their amazing works. Starting in Los Angeles, the rock band released hit songs and albums such as Best of My Love, Already Gone, One Of These Nights, and several others. For bagged accolades, The Eagles have earned six Grammy Awards and several from the American Music Awards.

Check out top 10 best Eagles songs of all time:

1. Hotel California – 2013 Remaster

2. Take It Easy – 2008 Remaster

3. Life in the Fast Lane – 2013 Remaster

4. One of These Nights – 2013 Remaster

5. Peaceful Easy Feeling – 2013 Remaster

6. Desperado – 2013 Remaster

7. New Kid in Town – 2013 Remaster

8. Tequila Sunrise – 2013 Remaster

9. Lyin’ Eyes – 2013 Remaster

10. Love Will Keep Us Alive

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