Top 10 Most Popular Dion DiMucci Tracks of All Time

Dion Francis DiMucci was a well-known singer and guitarist in the 50s and 60s. he also happens to be a Grammy-nominated artist who has his songs on the Billboard, Rock, and Roll Hall of fame and so many consecutive hits. Dion even won over his critics as he incorporated so many elements such as R&B, pop, folk and blues, rock, and doo-wop in his singing style.

Check out top 10 best Dion DiMucci songs of all time:

1. Runaround Sue

2. The Wanderer

3. Dream Lover

4. Only You Know

5. Lovers Who Wander

6. Abraham, Martin, And John

7. Life Is But A Dream

8. Ruby Baby

9. Donna the Prima Donna

10. Tonight, Tonight

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