Top 10 Most Popular Dennis Edwards Tracks of All Time

Dennis Edwards Jr. was the lead vocalist of the band Temptations. He is known for his R&B and soul singing and also began a solo career with a hit. However, he continued to be part of the group. Motown Records resurrected Edwards’s career when he went solo and had to be taken off the group and replaced by another. After leaving the group and he teamed with another ex-Temptations bandmate, they toured and recorded across the country.

Check out top 10 best Dennis Edwards songs of all time:

1. Don’t Look Any Further

2. Don’t Look Any Further – Original 12” M+M Mix

3. Don’t Look Any Further – DJ Nipper Vocal Remix

4. Don’t Look Any Further – U.K. 12” Mix

5. Don’t Look Any Further – DJ U.F. Low Mix

6. (You’re My) Aphrodisiac

7. I Thought Could Handle It

8. (You’re My) Aphrodisiac – Single Version

9. I’m Up For You

10. Riding My Car

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