Top 10 Most Popular Deep Purple Tracks of All Time

Deep Purple is renowned for its artistic strength in heavy metal. In 1975, the band was adorned as ‘The globe’s loudest band’ by the Guinness Book of World Records. With record sales spanning into the 100 million categories, Deep Purple is the dynamic band for heavy metal and modern hard rock.

Check out top 10 best Deep Purple songs of all time:

1. Smoke On The Water – Remastered 2012

2. Highway Star – Remastered 2012

3. Perfect Strangers

4. Soldier Of Fortune – 2009 Digital Remaster

5. When A Blind Man Cries – Remastered

6. Hush – 1998 Remaster

7. Burn – Remastered 2004

8. Child in Time – 1995 Remaster

9. Black Night – 1995 Remaster

10. Knocking At Your Back Door

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