Top 10 Most Popular Curt Boettcher Tracks of All Time

Curtis Roy Boettcher wore many hats as he is credited for being an arranger, musician, record producer, and most definitely singer-songwriter as well. He initially formed a quartet for folk songs, popularly known as The Goldebriars, releasing two albums subsequently, a self-titled and Straight Ahead. His “Along Comes Mary” became popular and featured as one of the top 7 songs in the US.

Check out top 10 best Curt Boettcher songs of all time:

1. Lament of the Astral Cowboy

2. I Just Want to Be Your Friend

3. Baby It’s Real

4. Another Time – Version 1

5. If You Only Knew

6.. Christina, In My Dreams

7. That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be

8. Dancing Dandelion

9. Sometimes

10. Along Comes Mary – Demo

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