Top 10 Most Popular Colton Ford Tracks of All Time

Glenn Soukesian, famously known as Colton Ford, began his career starring porn films, but he went on to do mainstream cinema, TV and also had a music career. He also has dabbled in theatre and performed in a Broadway show dedicated to the LGBT community. The musical had an album of the songs, which was eventually released, including the vocals of Ford.

Check out top 10 best Colton Ford songs of all time:

1. Let Me Live Again

2. Let Me Live Again

3, That’s Me featuring Cazwell

4. Tug of War (My Heart Won’t Let Go)

5. Losing My Religion

6. Just the Way I Am

7. That’s Me

8. Let Me Live Again – A Director’s Cut

9. Stay

10. It Seems Like You’re Ready (Originally Performed by R.Kelly) – Interlude

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