Top 10 Most Popular Christina Aguilera Tracks of All Time

One of the most prominent names in the music business is Christina Aguilera. Having been conferred as the generation’s voice by the public, she released several songs featured on the Billboard 100 top slots. She happens to reign the scene as a singer-songwriter, actress as well as a TV personality. Her songs are known for her taking up socially relevant topics. Christina has gotten the status of a pop culture icon and has been ruling people’s hearts with her music for three decades now.

Check out top 10 best Christina Aguilera songs of all time:

1. Say Something

2. EL Ultimo Adiós

3. Genie In a Bottle

4. Beautiful

5. Dirrty

6. Fighter

7. Candyman

8. Lady Marmalade – Single Edit

9. Come on over Baby (All I Want Is Your) Radio Version

10. Pero me Acuerdo de Tí

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