Top 10 Most Popular Chelonis R. Jones Tracks of All Time

Chelonis’s interest in the arts is quite intriguing. Alongside his interesting music releases from the early 2000s, the singer expresses himself in abstract forms through his craft of painting and poetry. With more than five albums, R. Jones has also expanded his career in entertainment with numerous collaborations with other artists.

Check out top 10 best Chelonis R. Jones songs of all time:

1. I Don’t Know – Oscar L Remix

2. I Don’t Know – Original Mix

3. I Don’ Know?

4. If Only – Original Mix

5. Scary Love

6. Pompadour – Gorge Remix

7. Avoiding Puddles

8. Pompadour – Catz N’ Dogz Remix

9. Deer in the Headlights – DJ Hell Remix

10. Is Your Kettle On? Club Mix

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