Top 10 Most Popular Cheekface Tracks of All Time

A new Indie rock Cheekface, which is best known for its dry-humor-driven theme, is Los angles based group. It is also known for its exceptional talk-singing style. Made up of two guys and one lady, Cheekface has to its credit albums like Don’t Ask and Too Much to Ask. Being a fan of the Indie rock band automatically gets you translated to being a Cheek freak.

Check out top 10 best Cheekface songs of all time:

1. Listen to Your Heart. “No.”

2. We Need a Bigger Dumpster

3. When Life Hands You Problems

4. I Only Say I’m Sorry When I’m Wrong Now

5. Best Life

6. Dry Heat/Nice Town

7. Don’t Get Hit by a Car

8. Pledge Drive

9. You Always Want to Bomb the Middle East

10. I Feel So Weird!

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