Top 10 Most Popular Chayanne Tracks of All Time

Elmer Figueroa Arce is professionally known as Chayanne. This Puerto Rican artist has made great fame through his solo career, with 50 million copies sold. So far, he holds two Grammy nominations. Chayanne happened to connect well with the audience, and it resonates with his songs.

Check out top 10 best Chayanne songs of all time:

1. El Ultimo Adiós (Varios Artistas Version)

2. Dejaria Todo

3. Humanos a Marte

4. Un Siglo Sin Ti

5.. Madre Tierra (Oye)

6. Yo Te Amo

7. Y Tú Te Vas

8. Me Enamoré de Ti

9. Veo en ti la luz

10. Te Amo y Punto

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