Top 10 Most Popular Browning Bryant Tracks of All Time

John Baxter Browning Bryant happened to be the face of many popular commercials in his early teen years. His singing prowess got him to be on several tv shows. He later got a chance to record songs for an album. Though they may not have been his style, they showcased his talent in singing. He later began songwriting as well but didn’t pursue it commercially.

Check out top 10 best Browning Bryant songs of all time:

1. Liverpool Fool – 2007 Remaster

2. Blinded By Love – 2007 Remaster

3. You Might Say – 2007 Remaster

4. Leave the Rest to Molly – 2007 Remaster

5. Say You Will – 2007 Remaster

6. Losing – 2007 Remaster

7. This Is My Day – 2007 Remaster

8. Cure My Blues – 2007 Remaster

9. Performance – 2007 Remaster

10. Cover Girl – 2007 Remaster

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