Top 10 Most Popular Bo Bice Tracks of All Time

Signing off the American Idol show as a runner-up, Bice enjoyed the momentary victory with his chart-topping records. The Real Thing, Bo’s debut album replicated the success, landing a No. 4 on US Billboard 200, alongside a Gold certification. While subsequent records were not as successful, the singer was still able to pull enough to sell over 60,000 copies of his sophomore album.

Check out top 10 best Bo Bice songs of all time:

1. The Real Thing

2. Hope Of Alabama – (Thee Song Of The World Games 2022) – Radio Edit

3. U Make Me Better

4. You’re Everything

5. Nothing Without You

6. Valley Of Angels

7. My World

8. It’s My Life

9. Hold On To Me

10. Lie…It’s Alright

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