Top 10 Most Popular Blue Oyster Cult Tracks of All Time

Blue Oyster Cult is a New York-formed rock band that appreciated tremendous airplay on MTV at the start of the television network. The band is renowned for some of its singles such as “Godzilla” and “Burnin’ for You.” The band has fifteen studio albums to its credit, and the single “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” peaked at number twelve on the Billboard Hot 100.

Check out top 10 best Blue Oyster Cult songs of all time:

1. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

2. Burnin’ for You

3. Godzilla

4. Then Came the Last Days of May

5. Cities On Flame with Rock and Roll

6. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Single Version

7. Veteran of the Psychic Wars

8. Astronomy

9. Burning for You – Remastered

10. Fire of Unknown Origin

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