Top 10 Most Popular Arooj Aftab Tracks of All Time

Arooj Aftab holds the record as the first Pakistani to ever win a Grammy Award. For her exceptional artistry, she was also awarded on the 75th diamond jubilee anniversary of Pakistan by the President of the country. Her musical style combines a blend of different music genres which includes classical music and jazz. In 2021, she released the album Vulture Prince which contains the award-winning single “Mohabbat.”

Check out top 10 best Arooj Aftab songs of all time:

1. Mehram

2. Mohabbat

3. Last Night

4. Baghon Main

5. Udhero Na feat. Anoushka Shankar

6. Diya hai

7. Saans Lo

8. Inayaat

9. Suroor

10. Island No.1

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