Top 10 Most Popular Annet Artani Tracks of All Time

Prior to her mainstream success with Britney Spears, Artani had been up in several events to showcase her skills and made a few collaborative acts. Following the “Everytime” single, Annet progressed into an all-solo era where she released multiple hits including her “Goodbye Amor,” “Why Angels Cry,” and her debut, “Alive.”

Check out top 10 best Annet Artani songs of all time:

1. Why Angels Cry

2. Alive – Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz Radio Edit

3. Goodbye Amor

4. Alive – Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz Mix

5. Kainourgia Agapi Xekina

6. Alive – Jason Nevins Electrotek Radio Edit

7. You Asked for It

8. Alive – Main Mix

9. Alive – Jason Nevins Electrotek Club

10. Sta Dino Ola

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