Top 10 Most Popular Andy Madadian Tracks of All Time

Iranian music star, Andy Madadian is probably most popular for his seemingly never-ending pairing with his long-time duo partner, Kouros Shahmiri. Quite interestingly, the artist has led an accomplished career on both ends with more than a dozen projects executed alone, as well as the receipt of honors in reverence of his age-long works.

Check out top 10 best Andy Madadian songs of all time:

1. Dokhtare Irooni

2. Che Khoshgel Shodi

3. Khoshgela Bayad Beraghsand

4. Daram Miram Beh Tehran

5. Dokhtar Bandari

6. Pasho Ba Man Beraghs

7. Che Ehsaseh Ghashangi

8. Tavalod

9. Hana

10. Cheshmaye Naz

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