Top 10 Most Popular Amerie Tracks of All Time

It’s little wonder how the young Amerie Marie actually pulled off her ‘Best New Artist’ title in the early 2000s. With her multiple charting records and early interests in film, the entertainer had herself set up for incredible career success. The Grammy-nominated artist, with skills in songwriting, vocals, and instrumentals, simply delivered hit-worthy music throughout her active period.

Check out top 10 best Amerie songs of all time:

1. 1 Thing

2. Why Don’t We Fall in Love

3. I Just Died

4. Talkin’ To Me (Edit)

5. 1 Thing ft. eve – Radio Verison

6. 1 Thing ft. Eve

7.  Why Don’t We Fall in Love ft. Ludacris – Main Mix

8. I’m coming Out

9. Nothing Like Loving You

10. Touch

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