Top 10 Most Popular Alice In Chains Tracks of All Time

Alice in Chains is a multiple award-winning rock band that began in the 1980s in Seattle. The band is known for works that spanned genres like grunge, heavy metal, hard rock, and a couple more. In 1992, the song “Man in The Box” from the Facelift album received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal.

Check out top 10 best Alice In Chains songs of all time:

1. Man in the Box

2. Would? (2022 Remaster)

3. Nutshell

4. Rooster (2022 Remaster)

5. Them Bones (2022 Remaster)

6. Down In A Hole (2022 Remaster)

7. We Die Young

8. No Excuses

9. Heaven Beside You

10. I Stay Away

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