Top 10 Most Popular Alfred Apaka Tracks of All Time

Alfred was one of the early entertainers that popularized Hawaii music. The award-winning musician, before pursuing a professional career was a regular vocal talent in numerous bands. Recognizing Apaka’s efforts at globalizing the region, the singer made it to major Halls of Fame, as well as bagging a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Recording Arts in his home country.

Check out top 10 best Alfred Apaka songs of all time:

1. Aloha Oe

2. Twilight In Hawaii

3. Two Shadows On The Sand

4. Lovely Hula Hands

5. Starlight In Hawaii

6. Old Hawaiian Love Songs

7. Waipio

8. Beautiful Kahana

9. Makala Pua

10. What Aloha Means

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